There was supposed to be one…well, maybe two.  But that number multiplied itself many times because there was no where to stop.

It wasn’t my fault the Playful Pals and coordinating thinlets dies turned out to be so much fun…seriously, you cannot stop making these cute little animal boxes.  Here is a sample of my own little zoo…


Are you smiling?  I thought so.  Each box contains Hershey Kisses and all of them will be winging their way to “the littles” for Valentines soon.  I’m sort of ashamed to show you all my animals…and there are two of each species too!  Some of them don’t even look like any animal you know…but I doubt “the Littles” will care.

There really aren’t any Stuff ‘N Digits to share as each one is pretty self explanatory.  It does take 1/2 sheet of cardstock to make one container.  Bet you can’t make just one!

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Never I hope!

Come get inky with me and … Be HaPpY!