You’ve Got Me…


When I was in Tucson earlier this spring for a demonstrator retreat, I learned about a project another demonstrator was involved in called “Hope Notes” with her local cancer center.  That really resonated with me and I brought that idea home hoping to do something similar here.  In my classes each month I have two stampers who are breast cancer survivors…both incredible ladies.  So I talked about this program with all my stamping friends and each and every one said they would love to be involved somehow.

With that support behind me, I contacted our local cancer center which is located at Memorial Hospital.  I started with the person I had worked with in my professional career who heads up volunteers for every part of the hospital.  She set up a meeting for me with her and the volunteer/marketing person for the cancer center.  My idea is to supply them with the handmade “Hope Notes” to be written by cancer survivors to newly diagnosed cancer patients.  I’ll be presenting my idea this week and have been working on cards to show them.  I wanted to give them an idea of the quality of the cards and the fact that I have a group of volunteers ready to go.

It just so happened this week I received the above card in the mail from one of my stampers who is a cancer survivor and I loved it! …thanks, Wanda!  I took her card idea to a notecard sized card and came up with this…


I loved it but thought maybe a card in pinks would work, too.  So, I made this one…


and here is the inside…


I’m excited to meet with the cancer center and see if they will take up this idea.  I’m trying to think from their side of the table as to what their concerns about implementing this program would be.  I’ll keep you all posted as to how this meeting goes…wish me luck!

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…”The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Inky fingers make me happy!




  1. This is such a great idea, Billie. I just went through cancer treatment with my son and would have loved to have received a card like that from another mom. (teenage boys are another story!)
    Just discovered your blog from the lovely coasters you posted on Stampin’ Connection. Off to find those – but stumbled on this first!

    • That’s what I thought would be the power and positive input from a suvivor to a newly diagnosed person. I hope your son is doing well. Thanks for writing and stopping by my blog.

  2. I love the cards, Billie. Good luck with your presentation. I’m sure they will love the beauty and quality of your cards.