Yippee Skippee…My First Video!

This has been quite the experience trying to produce my first video.  Lots of prep work for a couple of minutes of video, but I’ve learned a little and hope to do more and do them better each time.  The important thing is you may see something here that will inspire you to try something new.  If you try this painter’s tape technique, I’d love to see how your project turned out.  Send me an email or a message and we’ll share ideas.

Here’s a photo of the original card…



And here’s the video…

Hope you enjoyed the video.  I’m glad the little paper glitch happened.  Bet you thought those things only happened to you when you are working on your creations.

Here’s a “B-ism” for you today…”Wherever you go, no matter the weather, bring your own sunshine.”

Now it’s time to get those fingers inky…