Would You Believe?

Some days are like that…

We all have them and we all have different names for them.

Yesterday was my &%$! day.

It all started with a well-planned class.  The night before time was spent cleaning, organizing and just making sure each kit was complete.  That all the ink pads were freshly inked and acrylic blocks shining like new.

Here’s the card kit that proofed to be my undoing…


Now if you are a stamper and you look at this sample, you’d pretty much know how to make it, right?  But no, the ink on the acrylic block wouldn’t transfer to the paper except in a very spotty fashion.  We tried a second time with the same results.  I tried it with another sized block and it worked.  What the heck?

It finally occurred to me after three attempts and much frustration on my part and I’m sure those in class that I had cleaned these two blocks the night before with the Nova plastic cleaner that came with my MISTI!  DO NOT DO THIS!  The ink just wouldn’t spread on the block and just puddled.

A card that should have taken maybe 15 minutes, took three times that.  Fortunately for me, the girls in this class have been coming for a long time and are seasoned stampers.  They were laughing and joking, but it threw me for a loop for the rest of the day.  Believe me those blocks have been scrubbed for the next class.

I hope by sharing this experience you won’t have to!

This card was posted a few days ago if you’d like the Stuff ‘N Digits.  Just scroll down a few pages…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Can you say “awwwww”…

Come get inky with me…Be HaPpY!




  1. Awwwwwwwwww!! That is the sweetest pictures I’ve seen in a while. Thank you so much for the Misti lesson. We all do those crazy things once in a while and it is usually when we are pressed for time. Your class is so fortunate to have you as their teacher and I’m sure they learn so much from you. I love that card with all the bright colors.

  2. Laughter is the only way to get through a trying day sometimes. Love the photo of the otters. When having an “off” day grab my camera and head for the beach in search of these wonderful critters. Their antic improve my mood quickly!! Greetings from the Monterey bay.

    • Thank you Rosemarie…sounds like a great idea. We have otters are our aquarium and I love watching them. Mi hope by fussing up to my experience I may save someone else from having this experience…Thanks for writing…B