Tucson Gift…

What an inspiring weekend I just spent in Tucson at an InkBig Academy presentation.  We heard presentations from Mary Fish, Janet Wakeland, Brian King, Lisa Pretto and SU! Corporate even came and presented information about how Paper Pumpkin is performing and what to expect in the future…great kits coming!  They previewed the April PP kit with us and I know all of you who receive the Paper Pumpkin kits are going to love it.  I hope they ordered extras because I know I’d like more than one of this set.

If you haven’t signed up, what’s keeping you?  Less than $20 a month for a box of “happy” right at your door.  You get a welcome gift and you can cancel at any time.  You can sign up on my blog by clicking on the Paper Pumpkin logo to the right.  Come on…jump in.  You will be so glad you did.

While in Tucson I finally got to meet the infamous Sue Parker of The Sparkled Web who worked with me to design my blog…which I love.  We have talked all through the end of last summer until now and finally got to meet in Tucson.  I posted while I was gone the little gift I gave her…but she brought me one too!  Here’s her sweet gift…


Isn’t that the cutest?  I know the quality of the picture isn’t the best because I took this in my hotel room and them had to take it apart to get it home…I didn’t think security would let me carry this through (picky).  I love this!  Sue said the idea came from her upline and they had made these in class.  I am so “casing” this little box for my classes, too.  In my mind there are several ideas jumping around to use this cute carry box.  Thanks Sue!

If you are interested in making this box, be sure to check back and I’ll be able to give you dimensions and directions.

Thought you would like to see some other pictures from Tucson since I promised I’d share…


This is Brian King from Atlanta.  He was one of the first demos I met while waiting in the lobby for Sue to arrive.  He is a “tall drink of water” and as nice as can be.  I call this the tall and the short of Tucson.


This is Sue!  Having breakfast before the day of presentations got started…


“Wearing a New Hat” and being silly.  Part of Mary Fish’s presentation which was excellent.  She changed everybody’s vocabulary.


Yikes!  Janet Wakeland of Remarkably Created and me!  Her presentation was amazing…


To be fair, this was taken at the end of the day and we were exhausted, especially Mary as she had hosted activities and presented.  But, I couldn’t come home without a photo op with Mary.


Dinner out with new friends Kim, Wendie, Gena, Sue and me at the Pita Jungle (great food) cool night by the fireplace.  Just doesn’t get much nicer than this.  When SU! Demos get together, there is never a lull in the conversation.

The good byes at the brunch on Sunday morning were bitter sweet…but ALL of us will be at convention in July and we can do it all over again…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…”Surround yourself with people who make you happy!”

Be inky…Be happy





  1. Thanks for the post!!! Looks like soooo much fun!!! Love the the little coffee tray! I bet you could’ve gotten it on the plane, —after all, it’s not liquid and you are Bille Moan!! :-). safe travels

    • I’ve already reconstructed it Amy and have so many plans to make a spring one with Cadbury eggs and grass, one for a baby shower and on and on. I’m bursting with ideas and can’t work fast enough. Thanks for stopping by…B

  2. Hi Billie!
    Great photos! I’m thrilled that we were able to have dinner together and visit. The weekend was fun, motivating and inspiring.

    I’m looking forward to convention. Did you hear? Wendie is coming to convention!

    I would love to have a copy of the photo from our dinner together. Would you mind emailing it to me?


    • It was a great weekend wasn’t it? Yes, I did hear Wendie is coming to convention and I’m so glad. I’ll send the pic I have. It’s not nearly as good as the one Sue took though…B