The “Littles” Are Gone…

For those who keep up with this blog you know as soon as I got back from the SU! National Convention in Salt Lake City, the “littles” (my youngest g’kids) came for a visit.  We had the most wonderful time together but had to take them home this past weekend.

Today as I was going about straightening up the house I found this…


Yes, Lyla’s fairy wings were hung on the bed post.  Sigh… She had been wearing them to jump on the trampoline to fly higher she said.  So she didn’t want to take them off at bedtime.  I explained the covers would remove all the fairy dust and she wouldn’t be able to fly tomorrow.  So here’s where she put them.  The house seems a little quiet (well, a whole lot quieter) without them.  Here’s a pic of Lyla and Jameson on a little trip we took to the Great Smokey Mountains…


We had a beautiful day at Cades Cove and actually got to see a mama bear and her cub.  The kids were thrilled and loved watching the cub playing with and around the mama bear.  Then the ranger arrived and informed us the bear could run faster than we could and we should hop back into the car.

After a little house cleaning and clothes washing (it never ends does it?) I am in my studio.  Everything is just like I left it before convention and all that I brought home from Salt Lake City is sitting right where I left it.  Funny thing, that.

But I do have a new Christmas card from the Watercolor Winter Simply Created Card Kit on page 37 of the Holiday Catalog.  For those who attend my classes, I will have a copy of the catalog for you at this month’s classes!  Here is the second card I’ve shown from this kit…


Isn’t that pretty?  Everything you need to make this card and three other designs is included in this kit for a total of 20 cards.  The card base is preprinted with the dots and everything else is adhered to the card front.  I’ll take a photo of the envelopes in this kit for tomorrow’s post because they are pretty darn cute, too.

Hope you are having a great week and are creating beautiful things.  If you need a Holiday Catalog I’ll be happy to send you one with an online order.  Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see another card from this kit.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…”Today I will be as happy as a bird with a French fry!”

Get inky…Be HaPpY!