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Oh! Paper Pumpkin…

Surely everyone has their Paper Pumpkins by now and I’m not spoiling the surprise for anyone…I love a surprise in the mail!

This month’s Paper Pumpkin is Awesome!!!  Loved all the stamps and goodies.  Directions were great…but I had something else in mind.

See my whole family will be here for Thanksgiving…EEEKKK!  So excited.  So I decided to make place cards for my table first….

And this is what they look like.  Six of the boxes were trimmed to make twelve placecards.  Love them!  Just trim off the two ends of each box.  Trim the sides so you have two pieces.  Score in the center, fold and decorate….so easy and pretty!

Look at all those placecards ready to go.  Now there are a couple of things you might notice in this photo.  First there is a clothes pin missing…more on that.  And there’s one blank card.  You see my oldest g’son has announced he is bringing a “friend” and knowing him, I thought it might be wise to wait to inscribe the name…

And the missing clothes pin?

Let me tell you, if you twist that little buggar there is no tomorrow!  I have great respect for whoever is sitting on a production line making these.  No tongue in the right place is going to help you.  I finally broke out laughing thinking of Lucy and Ethel on the candy production line!

Even after finishing the placecards I still had product left to make this…

Six gift cards and two gift boxes…I had to stamp the large leaf on two of the envelopes and fussy cut for my place cards or there would have been eight gift cards.

Here’s a glamour close up of the cards…

All in all this month’s Paper Pumpkin is a Winner!

Did you see the announcement about the October and November Paper Pumpkins?

Hope you are having a Marvelous Monday!

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…

If your fingers are inky…you’ll be HaPpY!