Stocking Stuffer Treats…

Still working on products to present at the craft show … in less than two weeks!  More than likely after this craft show is done I will be glad that I participated…but right now…EEEK!

My inventory grows a little each day.  Never will I get done what I had planned.  I have such a new respect for those that do shows on a regular basis…the preparation is grueling.

That’s all the whining for today because I wanted to show you this stocking stuffer made from a small coffee cup…


What to charge?   I have no idea, but if there are any left, they will come in handy for Christmas.  I’ve made plenty…


Inside are white chocolate peppermint and dark chocolate Kisses.

If you need something similar to this for some of your holiday projects, the cups were ordered from Amazon and the most inexpensive straws I found were at Wally World (30 for $.97).

To make a pattern, one of the cups was disassembled and used for a template (add 1/4″ to length for gluing).  My hot glue gun came in handy here.

The Real Red ribbon is retired, but there were two spools left here.

The “merry” tag was made using a stamp from Hang Your Stocking using the Real Red marker and inking only the word merry.  The tags are 1/4″ x 2″.  One end was tagged and the other curled with bone folder to break down the fibers and help the tag wind around the straw.

After the cups were filled the whole treat cup was placed in a cello bag for display.

This weekend and Monday are my monthly classes.  I always look forward to seeing my peeps and they are always excited to see the projects to be made.  In addition I have all my swaps and goodies from OnStage Atlanta last weekend to share with them.  Oh the fun!

Enjoy your weekend and remember you can shop from this blog 24/7 by clicking on the “Shop Now” star in the right column.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


and ink on your fingers will make you HaPpY!



  1. Billie, you are full of all these wonderful ideas for stocking stuffers. I would love to come to the show where you will display everything. That would be a glorious day for me!! These cups totally sweet (pun intended). I can see how pricing items would put you in a quandary. I was at some local craft shows yesterday and today. Prices varied greatly for similar items. I think I remember you mentioning earlier that this is a juried show, so I would think people expect wonderful items for a nice price. I know I expect to pay upscale prices for upscale items. All the items you have shown over the last several weeks have been great. I expect you’ll sell out and they’ll be wanting more of all these cute, but elegant items. Have fun with your peeps this weekend. I look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

    • You are so encouraging HJ…I think it takes a lot of gumption to set up a booth of your creations and watch people walk by all day. I hope your predictions are right!…B!

  2. I do many craft fairs here in Western Oregon. For your darling cups, I would charge at least $2.50. However, that is what I could actually expect people to pay where you live. Sometimes customers don’t have any idea the work you put in to making these paper crafts and think you charge too much. I know that’s not very helpful for you to set prices for this craft fair. 🙂

  3. Hey there girlfriend… Would you be able to tell me how many ounces these cups are or maybe even provide a link for the exact ones you ordered? Thank you.