Stampin’ Peeps in the House…

Despite the fact Sweetums and I just returned home late last night, today was the day for stamping here at the studio!  And what a day we had…it was a full house with no room to spare.  Why did I not think to make a picture?  …cause I was running around like a nut!

We had three”newbies” which the regulars immediately took under their wings to make them feel at  home.  My classes are not “101” classes by any stretch, but everyone finished with big smiles on their faces.  Just one reason I love this job!

I was going to show an Easter bunny card, but one of my “peeps” brought me a beautifully wrapped gift and I just had to show it to you…

Look at that sweet succulent place card holder!  It is made in a peat pot…how cute is that?

Wonder if I could talk her into six of them?  Just kidding… But this gives me lots of ideas (like I need that!) for ways to use this bundle.

Patty used moss to cover the surface of the pot and three succulent plants to fill the top.  Wouldn’t these make the perfect hostess gift?

Thanks so much Patty for your thoughtfulness…

Sweetums and I had a quick (and I do mean quick) trip to St. Petersburg this weekend to play with “the littles” and celebrate Sweetums’ birthday in style.  We got to see soccer practice with Lyla and baseball practice with Jameson…things we miss.

This Oh So Succulent Bundle on page 21 of the All Occasions Catalog is a classic…with no end to the ideas of projects you can create.  The Bundle #145184 is a “keeper” at $48.50.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Come get inky with me…be HaPpY!




  1. Just when I was wondering what to do for a project with my next stamp club ladies. This little succulent pot is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  2. First off, I L.O.V.E. the “b-ism” today. So funny that I laughed out loud. Thinking outside the box, I think when I travel by air, I should be able to weigh my suitcase that way!! What do you think???

    Now to the beautiful gift Patty brought for you. It is perfect for you and your love of succulents and yes, it would make a perfect hostess gift. So do you serve lunch with your card classes? The table setting is beautiful.

    I’m so glad you and Sweetums could be with the “littles” for his birthday and see them play their sports. Take care. We’re in the path of the blizzard coming this way. We’re ready to hunker down for a few days, if necessary. We hope we don’t love electricity.

    Take care. Have a wonderful week.

    • We should weight everything like that…Is that little peat pot not the cutest? And from one of the sweetest person ever. Hope the storm you get is not as bad as the news is making it out to be. They love gloom and doom. Take care and keep me posted…B!