Sip, Curl, Pin…Repeat!

In my little community we have a women’s book club organized ten years ago.  Although we have added members over the years, there are a few of us who have been together from the beginning.  We have read and discussed well over 100 books together.

But in the month of December we don’t read, we plan a fun night out together.  Back at convention the thought occurred to me to host a Stampin’ Up! crafting event just for my book club.  And last night that thought became a reality.  Here is a pic of the room all set up for twelve crafters…


That’s twelve packages of designer’s series paper cut in 3/4″ x 6″ strips, 36 glimmer stars cut and scored and 12 bows.  There’s no way I could have done all this and kept up with my daily posts and monthly classes…so look who helped cut out stars…


Is that not the sweetest?  He is my biggest supporter always encouraging me to “go for it” and there to help me.  <3!

Once everyone got here (they all brought food and I provided the liquids) we ate and jabbered for an hour before we got down to business.  Here is a shot of the beginning of the evening done with Project Life on my IPhone!…


See how everyone’s foam wreath is empty and then after just a short while they were all filling up!  And the evening progressed…



Lots of fun conversation and believe it or not…no paper cuts!  I was prepared with bandaids.  We sipped, curled and pinned LOTS and then they were done…


Everyone (even those who said they’ve never made anything) were pleased with their creations.  This is why I love my job!  See those smiles…sooooo worth it!

Maybe next time you can join us!

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


I’m inky today…and HaPpY!