Season to Season…

Last week the night before leaving for a week long retreat with “the littles”…this arrived… and I had to make it right then.  I mean there was still packing to do.  But noooooo, I turned off the iron and turned on the hot glue gun.

And this happened.


This wreath was presented at Convention and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  It comes with three different ribbons, one for Halloween, one for  Thanksgiving (burlap) and a Cherry Cobbler ribbon for Christmas.  Pieces to make a banner for each season are also included.

It took me an hour with a hot glue gun to finish this cutie off.  I’m thinking kit class!  What a great gift this would make too.  It’s on page 6 of the Holiday Catalog (#139645. $27.00) Love it!

Today is an absolutely amazing day at my house for my little family.  My daughter who is stationed in South Korea with her hubby had been diagnosed with stage II thyroid cancer about six weeks ago.  She had surgery last night to remove the tumor, her thyroid and some soft tissue, but her lymph nodes were clear!  There will be one radiation treatment (a pill) in three weeks and she will stay in isolation for three days.  What a relief after weeks of tests for her.  It’s hard being half a world away…

So, like I said, today is an amazing day…hope yours is too!

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Live each day to the fullest…

Get yourself inky…Be HaPpY!



  1. Billie you amaze me, with all this on your mind, you carry on with a smile. I am not so good. Bless you. Will keep you and your daughter in my prayers. Sounds like she is doing good. I always drop by your site each day to see what you are up to. You always have good stuff on. Thanks for that. Love you Betty

    • Well aren’t you just the sweetest. I’m so happy you stop by each day. Thanks so much for writing…B

  2. Prayers for your family at this difficult time. A big hug too!! May you be able to relax a bit now and enjoy some time with your “littles”. Always enjoy your posts daily even if I don’t comment. This kit is soooo tempting! !