Savannah OnStage…

Now we are home and a good night’s sleep has occurred and my Monday Morning class is done, I thought it might be fun to share some memories from this weekend’s OnStage Event in Savannah, Georgia.

First let me say the city itself is a great place to visit.  What nice people, good food (can you say gopher?), perfect weather, lots of history learned using on/off trolley…I could go on and on.  So good choice for an event.

You work so hard before and event like this.  You really want to make the most of the trip and experience.  So swaps were mass produced (which I hate to mass produce) but meeting so many talented stampers is well-worth the effort.  I will share many of the swaps I received with you today and tomorrow.  My peeps loved looking through them today at class.

So what does it look like inside one of the events with 450 stampers busily making Make’n Takes?

This is the quietest you will see 450 stampers, and it sounds just like a beehive buzzing too!

And one of the great things about an event like this is being with friends you don’t see that often and meeting one for the first time…

This is Diane Eure…we live in the same town but she still works full time.  From what I hear she will soon be blessed with more time to stamp.

This is Jeanne Moss from Elizabethtown, Ky.  We’ve been to several events together but it’s the only time we get to see each other.

And this is Penny Knowles.  We have talked to each other on Stampin’ Connection for a long time and finally met each other in Savannah!

The swaps in Savannah were awesome and I’d like to share some of them with you today…

Terri Sanders, Tallahassee, FL

Robbie Chandler, Quincy, FL

Cindy Clements, Lake Winnebago, MO

Debbie Moczek, Sarasota, FL

Jeanne Moss, Elizabethtown, KY

Tomorrow I will show you more of the samples.  After seeing the new catalog and all the demonstrations and sample boards, I need to clean out some of my retired stamps to make room for the new ones I’ve already ordered…imagine that!

The next Stampin’ Up Event will be in Salt Lake City in November.  Want to go with me?  Let’s talk…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…

Ummmm…that about covers it…but I’m HaPpY!



  1. Billie, the pictures are wonderful! It great seeing so many talented people together. I know you have lots of ideas to show us. Today’s swaps you shared are so inspiring. I love to see other talented people’s ideas. I guess that is why I get about 100 blogs a day with never enough time to read all of them. I’m still in awe of anyone who can make 50 or 100 of the same card! Take care and have a wonderful week. I was wondering what are your favorite items that are on the retiring list? The “b-ism” today is perfect for all us crafters.

    • You know what HJ…by the time I finished my class today (I had two newbies that required additional time and attention), got my post done, sent out the retiring list as soon as it cam out and went to book club this evening where it was my turn to lead the discussion…I haven’t even looked at the retired list yet. I need a good night’s rest and I’ll be fresh as a daisy tomorrow…B!

  2. After the past couple of extremely busy weeks you’ve had and to come home to have your class today and then lead the book discussion tonight, you should get a medal just to be standing. I know coffee is your pick-me-up and since you will be fresh as a daisy tomorrow, I need to learn to like coffee. I’m a simple water-holic!! I’m sure your time in Savannah with all the inspiration with new ideas and new products, plus all the excited talented people, left you euphoric. Cloud 9 might not be high enough!! I can say you bounce back very quickly and that is a good thing as busy as your schedule always is. Take time to take a few deep breaths!

  3. Billie, thanks for sharing my swap card on your blog. It’s always great to spend time with you. I only wish it was more often. I’m surprised you’ve even had time to post! Send hubby out to play golf and get some rest!

    • Hey girlfriend…you are so welcome. I hope to share more of my swaps this week. My preorder is scheduled for Friday delivery! We just don’t live that far apart Jeanne…I know we can make time to spend together. We are riding up to Pigeon Forge Friday and checking out retreat facilities for September. I’ll keep you posted…Sleep is overrated, I’ll sleep when I die!…B!