Good Bye Salt Lake City….

It was the best of times…and not a minute to spare.  Sleep?  Absolutely not!  From the first day to the last it was a wonderful adventure shared with friends.

This is a pic of two friends I made this spring in Tucson while attending an Ink Big Academy (Lisa Pretto) retreat…


This is Sue Parker (my blog designer) and Peggy Porter.  Don’t we look all fresh and excited on this first morning?

So we have our coffee and breakfast bars and go across the street to the convention center.  As soon as you enter this very large facility you can hear the hum of voices.  It sounds like a beehive and it’s almost vibrating with excitement waiting for the doors to the mainstage to open.  And then the doors roll up and there are hundreds of SU! employees forming a line of applause and high five’s as each demonstrator enters.  Amazing!

Here’s a shot entering the convention center and coming down the escalator to the hum of the crowd…


and into the mainstage area…


Then Shelli Gardner walks out looking like “all that” and the crowd goes wild.  She is amazing.  One of the highlights of my trip was meeting her and getting this pic…


Oh happy day!  After the opening session we were scheduled in classes all through the day and even from 7-9 that night.  Sue and I even attended a class on Wednesday night where we made eight projects in two hours.  Pretty good if I do say so myself.  We finished our Make ‘n Takes and attended breakout sessions and walked and walked.  One day I logged on my counter almost 20,000 steps!

Here are a couple of other photos…


A selfie with Sarah, Shelli’s daughter, who was working in one of the Demonstrator Resource Booths showing how to use new product from the Holiday Catalog.


Meeting Ann Schach was so much fun…I have adored her blog and it was great to meet her.  She was a presenter in one of the breakout sessions.


This is funny…a nice backdrop for photo ops but I had to climb up on this stool in this skirt…not pretty.  And, I do hate to have my pic taken anyway.

So it went and was over in a flash.  There was so much to learn and see and do and believe me we tried to do it all.  Next year I hope to take a group with me to experience this great adventure. Want to go with me?  Contact me and I’d be happy to share with you.

Here is how we ended up the last night…tired but happy for the time together.


Just hanging in the Marriott lobby trying to find the energy to go pack for home.  From left:  Sue Parker, me, Kim Quade, Wendie Waldman, Gena Contor and Peggy Portor.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…”Do more of what makes you HaPpY!”

Get inky…you will be HaPpY!