Last day of 2016.  It has been said you should never look back, but always move forward…

Excuse me if I disagree.  Sometimes it is important and necessary to look back.  How else are you to know how much you’ve grown?  And looking back you can take stock of those things that were a success and remember others that were not.

So today if you’ll indulge me, let’s take a sweeping view of 2016 posts.  I’ll pick my favorite from each month.  For those of you who have been reading this blog for a bit, I’m sure you might have a favorite or two.  I’d love to know if you can remember…

January 2016


Emboss and bleach technique.

February 2016


Masking and bokeh technique.

March 2016


Botannical Gardens Framelits were a favorite.

April 2016


3-D frame from a box for Lyla’s ninth birthday… with her new puppy Stitch.

May 2016


These created a stir.

June 2016


Sweetums loved this Father’s Day card.  I loved that DSP!

July 2016


This was made to celebrate my son-in-love’s new command assignment.  Lots of response on this one.

August 2016


Simple and interesting.

September 2016


Thank you surprise for my “peeps” made big points on Pinterest.

October 2016

untitled (4)

Thoughtful Branches…how I loved this new set.

November 2016


Loved this set at first sight.

December 2016


I called this one rustic elegance.

This post has taken me hours…it was so much fun reminiscing through all the posts this year.  Next month I will pass the 1000 mark for posts in three years…that’s just amazing to me.

I’m sending each of you the warmest wishes for the new year and thank you so much for spending time with me on this blog.

Love to you all…





  1. Thanks for the look back and loved them all. You are so talented & we are lucky that you share with us! Thank you!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your review and picks of your fav. Creations. They were beautiful. Fairly new to SU and still working through lots of things. You do nice work and I enjoy reading your posts. I’m working on creating a website – in progress! Happy New Year!

  3. Wow it would be hard to choose a favourite.
    Each month is so inspirational.
    I really enjoy your posts and look for to checking my inbox each day to see what you have posted.
    Happy new year to you and look forward to seeing your posts next year.

    • If you feel inspired by a post…my job is done! Thanks so much for stopping by each day…B!

  4. What a wonderful walk down Memory Lane and seeing your favorites. You know I adore your creativity that just seems to flow so easily from your head to a beautiful card. Wow! Coming up on 1000 blogs. That’s impressive and has taken a lot of effort to put those together for us. Happy New Year to you, your family and your followers for health and happiness.

    • 1000 blogs puts time in perspective. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love and know it may inspire someone else. Thanks for being a faithful and encouraging reader HJ!…B!

  5. It is always such a treat to visit your blog, Billie! A very Happy Healthy Creative 2017 to you and your family!

    • It took much longer to finish that post than I had anticipated Tina. Once I got into looking, it was fun to remember each one and in some cases who they were created for. What should have been an hour turned into three! Thanks for stopping by each day…B!