Video… Pretty Little Spring Banner…



Wow!  Thanks guys…I’m genuinely flattered you liked the banner so much in yesterday’s post.  I filmed a video for you after so many requests.  Hope you are inspired to make your own creation.  By the way, I’d love comments or even email pics of your creations.  We can all share our art.  Here’s the video…

Did that help?  Sorry for the little blooper  where I didn’t have the paper handy.  If I told you this was my second video because 3/4 of the way through the first video the camera fell…would that make you smile?  It’s all an adventure.

Speaking of adventures…would you like to do what I do?  Would you like to join my team?  We are a group of ladies who create together and encourage one another to be all we can be creatively.  I’d love for you to email or comment to me to talk about the incentives that are available right now (like $150 worth of supplies from any active catalog for $99, 20% discount on all you buy, FREE registration fee for the national convention in July worth $295, NO pressure to ever have a party or demonstration, you can walk away at any time without penalty of any kind).  Just jiggle my email and we’ll talk.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…”Have BIG dreams and you will grow into them.”

Inky hugs and happy stampin’…