Memorial Day Poppy…

Do you know the significance of Memorial Day and the poppy?


A year or so ago Sweetums and I visited Monticello for maybe the fifth time.  It’s a beautiful setting to learn American History.  At the gift shop there you can purchase seeds harvested from plants at Monticello…and we did, poppies.  The package explains the seeds are harvested from plants that were there during Jefferson’s life.

There were dutifully planted and the first bloom popped open this weekend.  Here’s our poppy…


How nice it bloomed for Memorial Day!

We are scheduled for a small gathering on the river with friends this evening and I decided to take a remembrance for each of the girls in honor of veterans everywhere to honor and show appreciation…


They are mounted on a scallop circle punched base with a jewelry pin doily hot glued on the bottom and three Spiral Flower Die roses hot glued to the top.  I ran out of the Red Satin Ribbon and used a retired piece on mine then packaged them like a corsage for the others.

Giving thanks today and showing respect for those veterans and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


My fingers are red, white and blue today!




  1. Happy Memorial Day to you, Billie. It sounds as though your gathering tonight will be fun with the addition of the cute patriotic corsages for the women. You think of everything and how you can make everyone’s day a little brighter. I love that about you and I hope some of it rubs off on me. The “b-ism” is very true. Sometimes even a smile or hello can make someone’s day. Thanks for the story of the poppy. I have heard it before but it was good to be reminded of the real meaning. I hope your week is off to a good start.

    • Our time on the river was magical…and the girls loves the roses. Such a small thing really, but like you said sometimes those are the most memorable.
      Hope your holiday weekend was enjoyable too.
      This week is scheduled tight but should be fun…B!