“The Littles” have left the building…

Ten days ago there was a flurry of activity…”the littles” (youngest g’children) arrived.  They left yesterday.  The house is so quiet…and dirty!

They are busy almost seven and eight year olds with lots of interests…so you have to be on your toes to keep them busy and keep up with them.  Believe me “sweetums” and I were in bed ten minutes after they were every day!

We, of course, did lots of crafts in my studio…


This was a lesson in a no-line watercolor technique.  They mastered that one.

We did some stamping (their other g’mother is in my downline so they stamp with her often) and we made some other crafts too…


Working hard in the studio…

And this is what happened.


and this…


Yep, it was a great week of catching lighting bugs in a jar, panning for gems, rock climbing, swimming, making s’mores and so much more.  I’d forgotten how messy Cheetos can be and how they seem to show up in the oddest places.  We have another week planned at the beach in August so we’ll rest up and be ready to go again.

Hope you’ll check back this week for some projects planned to showcase the new catalog.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Inky fingers will make you HaPpY!