Let There Be Cake…

This is the best cake you could have at your party….looks great as a centerpiece and contains not one single calorie!


Here’s the top…


and just one slice…


Do you remember last fall when the pie boxes were in the Occasions catalog?  I remember saying then I hoped SU! would have a framelit for that box in the next catalog.  Ta Da!  Didn’t know I had so much influence…

This kit was a favorite when I first saw it and couldn’t wait to grab an afternoon to make it.  Got everything done and out of the way so I had the whole afternoon to play with this kit.  Then guess what?  I forgot to order the corresponding stamp set!  I couldn’t believe it…turned everything upside down looking for it then went back and checked the order and packing sheets.  Duh…I didn’t order it.

So I improvised…If you have made this cake, you probably would know the stamp images were different.  But, honestly, I’m pretty pumped that I problem solved and came up with substitutes from my vast stash.  My next order will have the set on it because I can see making these boxes for many celebrations.  Since there are excellent directions included in the kit, you won’t need my Stuff ‘N Digits today.

Look how my little Minion family has grown…


Sweetums surprised me and had two on the dashboard of my car!  Here’s something funny…Zoe my little Jack Russell has a barking problem when the UPS truck, mail truck or any other truck goes past the house.  When she starts barking and generally throwing a fit…all of the Minions start talking at the same time!  She immediately stops to look at them.  Heaven!  She would love to get one of them and destroy it…I will be on guard always.

Here’s your “B-ism” today…


Oh lordy…I’m killing myself with humor today…

Let’s get inky and…Be HaPpY!




  1. You did a great job of making the “cake”. I love that it has no calories. haha!! As always, I love your B-ism today. Now to get a magic wand to make it happen!!

  2. Dear Billie,

    You are such an inspiration! I always get a punch of creativity when looking at your beautiful products! Not only that, but you post EVERY day – it’s quite a feat that I really appreciate!
    I love your work, your attitude and your humour.
    Thanks for making my day, day after day!



    • Hey Linda…what a ray of sunshine your comment was today. Thanks so much for stopping by each day…B

    • Get over yourself…it’s good enough. This would make a great party centerpiece…M