Leadership 2015…Orlando

So I’m home and unpacking…so many new things we were given at Leadership.  Trying to load photos and send photos to those I promised and really wanted to get a Leadership post done for you today while it fresh on my mind.

Just remember…no sleep for three days!


First day General Session…


Hooking up with roomies Darla Roberts and Sue Parker…


Look who I found first thing!  Sam Donald from the UK.  She is the sweetest and we got to swap…



And the ever adventurous Tami White.  I had run out of swaps by then…she gave me one anyway!



And Janet Wakeland…we met last spring in Tucson.






Caught Diana Gibbs the morning after her presentation…she was awesome!


This is Dawn Bourgette.  I found her blog and used it as a starting point.  We are both munchkins!


This is a terrible photo of Frances Martin.  She is so much cuter than this but we were in some of the stage lighting.  Her session was amazing!


Ran into Becky Roberts at the Funky Monkey!


My roommate and blog creator, Sue Parker and I waiting for General Session to start…


And the infamous Justin Krieger who had to take this selfie…well, because my arms aren’t long enough!


Here is Cynthia Richards and Darla Roberts.  We all are on the Can You Case It Design Team.


Dinner at the Funky Monkey with old and new friends.  From the left is Ellen-Rose, Dawn, Jeanne, Bernice, Sue, Darla and Michelle.


Here’s a shot of the final General Session of the last Leadership…

I hope you know we really didn’t spend all our time posing for pictures, eating and drinking.  The sessions were great, the classes amazing, the prizes (I won prize patrol!) bountiful…but honestly, the friendships and time together is worth everything you have to do to be at the event.  Even though there is no sleep and your days run from 8 to well, you know, whenever you get to bed…it is awesome to be with so many who share your creative passion.

Once all the goodbyes were said, I headed over to St. Pete to visit just a bit with the “littles”.  Helped the kids make their valentines with one of the new sets…


Here is Lyla doing her “Vanna White” presentation of one of her creations…


We had an afternoon at the beach in 75 degree weather.

And now I’m home to a balmy 34 degrees!  However, I know there are plenty who had cancelled flights and can’t get home due to the storms in the northeast.  You know they are smiling…

Hope you enjoyed this tour of my Leadership experience.  Next is Convention 2015 in Salt Lake City…want to go with me?