Korean Cat Cafe…

Now here is something you don’t see everyday…a cat cafe.  What is a cat cafe?  A store that serves drinks for you and food you can buy to feed to the cats that live at the cafe.

We stopped by one late afternoon for lemonaide and cat food…


Now this friendly little guy has on a sweater because he is hairless.  His ears were so big and his face wrinkled up like an old man.  But he had a big personality and came back to me for snacks several times while I was there.


There’s nothing shy about them when you have snacks on your table.

Here are some of the other residents of this Korean Cat Cafe…


Here’s the little guy with no hair…see what I mean about his ears and eyes and,those wrinkles!


How sweet is this one?


There were all kinds of scratch pads and beds.  I would say there were easy 25 cats roaming free in this cafe.


This guy had some funny looking ears going on.

Just thought I’d show you this unusual cafe we visited this week which I found interesting.  I would guess in a city as big as Seoul a little animal loving is appreciated.

I’ll be heading home tomorrow which will be bitter sweet.  Mu daughter will be taking a radiation treatment in two weeks here in Seoul and I just wish I could pack her in my suitcase and take her home with me.

Here’s  your “B-ism” for,today…


Pill be inky later this week…hope you are too!  Be HaPpY!




  1. Dear Billie,
    Love your blog and have really enjoyed the posts from Korea. I was stationed there when I was a Major at the 121st Evacuation Hospital, 8th Army in Seoul. We initially lived on the economy before moving on post when my daughter was born (December 25th). Spent many days shopping in Itaewon with my son, daughter and husband. The Koreans LOVED to touch my baby because she had blonde hair. I learned how to say “my baby has stranger anxiety” in Hongul. I see your daughter is having radiation treatments. I do hope she is ok. I am also a SU! demonstrator who is moving to NC this week. Just wanted to say thank you for all you do.

    • Hi Patricia…It was so nice to hear from you. Once you get moved to NC and settled, I hope we can talk more. Since my daughter and I have really light hair and eyes we were constantly stared at which I found uncomfortable, but my daughter has gotten used to it and explained they were curious not being rude. My experience was extraordinary and I can see how people would like to stay. I found it extremely hard to leave her knowing her treatment would be in two weeks. Her husband who is a LTC, 8th Army, EOD will probably not even be present for her treatment. I had a total break down at the rail station when I hugged her goodbye (which is not like me at all). She has been amazing coping with all that goes with being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, surgery and treatment. Thanks so much for commenting…B

  2. I think this is too cool! I would love to see something like this in the USA!

    Looks like you had a great time. I’m so happy you were able to spend some time with your daughter!

    Safe travels home!

    • Hi Jeanne…got home Tuesday after traveling a total of 22 hours. Kelly and I had an amazing time together. After all we saw and experienced she asked me what was my favorite. I told her having coffee with you every morning. Sometimes it’s just the little things. I had a total break down at the rail station when I hugged her goodbye. The cat café was an amazing experience. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thanks so much for commenting…B