Jenny Wren Update…

There is no project today…stop by tomorrow for a new one.

There is a Jenny Wren update here at Old McDonald’s Farm.

We have five very health babies (thanks to mom and thankfully not me!)



Isn’t mommy doing a great job?…eyes are open and lots of feathers.  So happy I didn’t have to go bug hunting.

But look what else is on my front porch…


I know you can’t see it, so here’s a close up of the flowers on the right…


Do you believe this?  My house has become a birthing center.

To top this whole situation off with a cherry on top, we found squirrels nesting in our attic yesterday and wildlife control quoted us an astronomical figure to free our house from these rodents (a rat with his tale blown up) and seal our house from top to bottom.

Oh good grief.

Oh words.

See you tomorrow…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Exactly…today I may need the bottle not a glass…

I’m going to get inky…and Be HaPpY!



  1. Animals (like children) can sense a happy, safe home ! I pray that this will also be am omen for Joe.

    (Thanks for our workshop on Monday…great work and my Spring frame looks wonderful).

  2. Oh, how your posts make me smile!! 🙂
    Enjoy the miracles of spring with those beautiful grandchildren!! The birds will hatch & fly the coop in no time-
    Not so sure about the long tailed rodents!! Always enjoy your posts! Amy