It’s March in My Studio…

Ok here in the South we are REALLY ready for spring.  How about you?  One day this past January my granddaughter and I spent a day making these desk calendars.  Each month we send each other a message and show we have turned our calendar page.  It will remind me of a sweet memory all year long.  Here’s my March page…


Fun, right?  Love the Clouds embossing folder for this one.  I should have shown you January and February before now.  I’ll do that later this week.  Right now I am so excited about an addition to my studio…I just have to show you…


Yippee Skippee!  Those three tables are new!  While I was away for the weekend my sweet hubby built those for me.  Never have I had such clean table tops in my studio.  Can’t wait for classes this month…the girls will freak out.

So instead of making a project for you today I’ve been reorganizing lots of my stuff…but this evening I’ll be busy and have lots to show you the rest of the week, so be sure to stop by.

Here’s my “B-ism” for today:  “Today I don’t feel like being grown up.  If anyone needs me I’ll be under my cover fort with my coloring books and crayons.”

I will be seriously inky this evening…and loving it!