Yes it was hot (and dry!) but the OnStage Event in Atlanta this weekend was a hugh success.  The Rambling Rose “BUDS” attended with all kinds of energy and enthusiasm.  The whole adventure we tackled as a group and it proved to be all we hoped for and more.

Now that I’ve traveled home though,  the exhaustion set in.  So I decided to relive the event with you and share what we did on both days in photos.  Want to come with me?

Thursday afternoon, Barbara Philpott and I arrived earlier in the afternoon and scoped out the event sights and schedule for Friday morning.  We didn’t want to miss a dang thing.  Once everyone from my group arrived, we set out for the Cheesecake Factory for an amazing dinner and to catch up.  We capped our dinner with a wine toast and then hit the bed for a really early morning.

Here we are bright and early and ready to go…


(Barbara Philpott, Pat Brown, me and Lisa-Kaye Kingsley)

During sign in for the WCMD2016-Atlanta we met up with Jeanne Moss and her downline Dawn from Kentucky and settled in for a day of interesting presentations, door prizes and of course, swapping…


Jeanne is teasing me about my height (dis)advantage.

And below Pat and Barbara are excited to finally swap all those cards they have slaved over…(there were 186 people in this swap!)


Friday night (we are still going strong 12 hours later!) we are completing ten “Shoe Box” Swaps.  Do we even look tired?  Noooooo…..


At this event we also each made one 3-D item to swap and I thought I’d show you just a small portion of what was there…it was amazing!


How about this choo choo train!


How pretty is this curvy keepsake box by Debbie Dean?


Or this window candle/treat bag?


This measures 3 x 5″…would make a great “technique” book for my peeps.


Loved this desk calendar especially in the Petals & Paisley’s DSP


Last year I made blue/silver half ornaments like these, but I love the Christmas Pines inside!


This accordion folded book held pockets for all sorts of list making for the holidays.  Sorry I didn’t get a shot of the front cover…it was adorable.  It is made from manila file folders and decorated with Candy Cane Lane DSP with 3″ pockets…really cute!

and one more…


And this last one was really clever and I plan to make some of these for the craft show coming up.  She used an acrylic picture frame for the base of her desk calendar and decorated it.  I know this shot isn’t the best, but I really liked this idea.

So you get the picture…there were at least another 150 3-D projects to see.  Like I said…”So much eye candy!”

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Get inky…Be HaPpY!





  1. B,
    Thanks for sharing your fun filled days in Atlanta with all of us. Sleep well and be ready for the holidays now!!!!!

    • You are so welcome Carla…I had to smile about the sleep and get ready for the holidays…I’ve got a craft show in three weeks and lots of product to produce between now and then. But we had a great time this weekend!…B!

  2. Wow! Those 3D projects are very inspiring and amazing. You and your team members look very chipper and ready to be sponges. Can’t wait to see all the new things you learned and more pictures and stories. Your dinner at the Cheesecake Factory was a great way to catch up. The “b-ism” is a hoot! I hope the extra hour’s sleep helped alleviate your exhaustion plus a nap today – maybe. Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh goodness, HJ! That is just a really small sampling of what was there. Unbelievable talent to be sure was represented. I think I may have more pictures to share…B!

  3. WOW!! wonderful recap of events; don’t you just feel you have to pinch yourself to realize you were there! Glad you shared.

    • Yes, Sue, it was over in a blink. Very busy and productive in a short amount of time…loved it!…B!

    • Thanks Lisa-Kaye…hope to see you soon. Did you place an order? Mine went in this afternoon…B!

    • Yep…I agree. The more the merrier…it was a fantastic time. It’s been waaayyy too long since we had seen each other!…B!

  4. Thank you for another great post. I’m in an ornament exchange and I’d like to try and make something similar to the Christmas Pines half ornaments. Would you mind sharing what the white material is in the background?

    • Hey Cynthia…I didn’t make this ornament, but last year I made tons of these. The inside background looks like Whisper White CS to me that has been attached to a larger Gold Foil scalloped circle…then the decorations and lastly hot glue the half globe. Hope that helps!…B!

  5. Well, if I had the energy, I would have loved to come. Don’t know if I will ever make it to On Stage – but my daughter Johanna Hetherington went to Brisbane. She had a great time and I have enjoyed her IM to me during her time there. So many talented stampers. Have to learn how to do the boxes. There are so over the top cute with so many possibilities. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure. Looking forward to more!

    • I will admit my tail feathers are dragging a bit since coming home…but the event was impressive and energizing!…B!