Hope Notes With Love…

Sunday afternoon was a special day here at Rambling Rose Studio…it was Hope Note Sunday.  Eight of my wonderful “stampin’ peeps” stopped by to help me assemble 100 Hope Notes for delivery today to the Women’s Breast Cancer Center here.

Here’s a Project Life page that represents the day…


It just makes my heart sing to see them all sacrifice their Sunday afternoon for this cause.  We did get to share a meal together afterwards.  In this group are two breast cancer survivors…but not one of us has not been effected by this disease.  In an hour and a half we had 100 beautiful cards of hope (I’ll post them individually later this week) for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

When I talk about Hope Notes, I always invite anyone reading this blog to contact me if they are interested in starting a similar program in their hometown.  If I can be helpful in any way, let me know.

Short post today…I’ve been out in this miserable weather running errands til mid afternoon.

Here is your “B-ism” for today…


That could be any of us if you consider the word “post”.

I’m getting inky…so I’m HaPpY!



    • Cheryl…I’m assuming you are talking about Hope Notes. It took me longer,than I ever expected to get this program started. The hang up came when meeting with the hospital marketing and branding departments. They are nuts. But persistence paid off and it has been immensely successful and I hope inspirational to those patients who are directly touched by it. So my advise is to start with the facility volunteer program if they have one to run defense for you with those other two departments. Basically I supply them with 100 Hope Notes once a quarter. They have a Survivor Support Group.m when a new patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, a survivor writes her a note using one of the cards. My stampin peeps help me assemble the cards I have designed and kitted beforehand. Let me know if I,can help you in any way…B

  1. Billie,

    Thanks for the idea. I am going to contact The Rose, which is a local not for profit organization that makes sure all women can get a mammogram no matter their ability to pay. I will contact them and look at how my friends and I can help with the cards. Love this idea, it’s always great to know when you are going through something, that you are not alone.