Hope Note Night…

I thought I’d give you a break from the tag/ornaments and show you what happened last night…

Last night was Hope Note night…where we make 100 notecards in one night to donate to the local Women’s Cancer Center.  Generally I make up the five kits of 20 cards each and we sit and put them together after sharing dinner together.

Last evening was just a little cool so we took advantage and had our dinner outside by the fire…perfect!

Then we came up to the studio and got to work.  It took us a little over two hours to finish…the time flew.


These two gentle hearts are my staunchest supporters…and not just because they are both cancer survivors.  Wanda Davis on the left here has been coming to my classes for a long time and has grown so much with her stamping art.  Dawn Benjamin (on the right) is a team member here at Rambling Rose and lives right across the street!  She even designed one of the Hope Notes and kitted it for me…that’s a friend!

Here’s Dawn’s card…


Both Dawn and Wanda say they have kept all the cards they received during their recovery because they meant so much to them.  We decided our cards were triple blessed…we are blessed for making them, the survivor who writes the card to the newly diagnosed cancer patient is blessed and lastly the recipient is blessed when receiving the card.

Here is another card we completed last night…


These card ideas could be helpful if you are planning to make cards as a gift package.  I hope you can tell Hope Notes are close to my heart.

There are three more designs I’ll share with you in the coming week…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Have a HaPpY weekend!




  1. Both cards are beautiful and I’m sure the recipients will love them. I love giving back to my community and it is obvious you all do as well. Thanks for sharing your labor of love…100 cards is no small feat. Love the “b-ism” today, Billie.