Halloween Bling…

When playing with the Haunted Halloween Neighborhood a couple of days ago, I felt time turning back the clock to early childhood.  Seriously, it was so much fun that I lost track of time and almost forgot about dinner!

Then today while making this post, it happened again…maybe there’s a time machine and in my studio I can slip in and out of it.  Back when we made so many things out of Shrinky Dink.  Look at these cute earrings, bracelet and backpack critters…


Oh boy are “the Littles” going to love these!  Think I’ll even make me some of those skeleton earrings!

Here’s the Stuff ‘N Digits for you…


  • Paper:  Thick Whisper White Cardstock
  • Ink:  You need permanent ink markers or if you still have your Blendabilities Pens, use those.  StazOn Black
  • Stamps:  Cookie Cutter Halloween
  • Tools ‘N Embellishments:  Ball ‘n Chain, earring base, jump rings, Shrinky Dink (all from Hobby Lobby) and Cookie Cutter Punch, Shipping Tape.


  • You can use either clear or white Shrinky Dink to stamp on.  Stamp your images in StazOn ink.  Color with permanent ink and cut with Cookie Cutter Punch.  If you need a hole for a jump ring, punch that before baking.
  • Use a piece of parchment paper on your cookie sheet, preheat to 325 degrees and place your pieces on the paper and in the oven.  Turn on your oven light and watch while they shrink.  They will curl up and then lay flat.  When they are flat, they are ready to come out of the oven.
  • Thread with a jump ring for earrings or bracelet.
  • For the backpack tags, stamp in Basic Black Ink  on front and back, color with your Stampin’ Up! Markers then punch with Cookie Cutter Punch.  Cover with clear shipping tape front and back.  Trim edges.  Thread with ball ‘n chain.  No baking here!

I haven’t had so much fun since two days ago…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


This is true.

If you are inky…you MUST be HaPpY!




  1. Thanks for these instructions. Halloween isn’t my thing but bears and foxy friends could be so fun. Do you think a fox could be punched separately, then glued together when shrunk? Might have to try playing around to see if it will work.

    • Wow! I’m not sure Carmen…but it’s worth a try. The pieces are very big to begin with so it may take some patience. What about punching holes in the pieces and using jump rings to assemble. That might be fun too. Thanks for stopping by today!…B!

  2. I have tried numerous times last evening to get my comments to download, but for some reason I wasn’t successful. I hope this time is the charm. Your Halloween jewelry and backpack chains are so cute. I definitely think you should make a pair of the earrings for your Halloween costume. You could begin wearing them in early October. Lots of stores are beginning to put out their Halloween decor, etc. I can almost see the big smile on your face as you talk about making these. The “Littles” will love them for sure.Cute “b-ism” today. Love the picture. Have a great Friday.

    • I have had the most fun week in my studio playing with all my new toys. I find it hard to enjoy my time here unless all my “chores” are done…so I’ve been really busy this week in and out of my studio. Are you going to OnStage?…B!

    • Billie, I can be dense at times, but I haven’t a clue what OnStage is? So I must not be going. Is it something to do with SU or another activity? Now you’ve piqued my interest and I want to find out. Please enlighten me.

    • I’m not a demonstrator. I just enjoy making cards for family and friends and getting 100 blogs every day from creative people like you to give me inspiration. It gives me a calm and peaceful feeling to make something for others. That’s why I enjoy your upbeat blog and beautiful creations so much. The card making community is very kind, generous and supportive and I love that the internet has been able to bring the world together in this way. It’s my hobby and I tell others it keeps me off the roads. I’m living my golden years with my husband of 44 years and I’m having the time of my life with only a few very minor medical annoyances and feel very blessed. We have a wonderful senior center nearby and I volunteer there as well as participate in some of their activities. I’ve met many wonderful people there and have great neighbors. You’ll have to share what you learn at OnStage. I know you’ll have a blast! If you see Brian King, Mary Fish, Susan Itell or Connie Stewart, please tell them HJ said hello.

    • Seriously thought you were a demo…I was thinking we could meet each other if you were going to the one in Atlanta. I will definitely see Brian as I’m attending his World Card Making Event on Friday. He is a real hoot! MAry I’m sure will attend out west as she lives in Phoenix. Making gifts for others is better than Prozac I always say. Keeps your mind and hands busy and out of trouble…B!

    • You’re so sweet. Susan Itell is from Maryland, so I feel sure she will be there. She’s another vivacious person, like you, and can get more done before lunch than I can do all day. It would have been great to be able to meet you, but maybe another time. Brian’s World Card Making Event will be tons of fun. From the pictures he posts when he’s with his peeps, he looks like the life of the party. You’ll have to give us the scoop when you return. Enjoy your day.

    • I will definitely have lots of pics to post. I have a really funny pic of Brian and myself when we were at an even in Phoenix…he’s tall, tall! and I’m 4’11”. We look like Mutt & Jeff…B!

    • That’s funny. I’m 5’0″, so most people are taller than the two of us. Can’t wait to see those pictures. Enjoy your weekend.

    • Awww…that’s so sweet of you to say Sue. I absolutely love sharing my creations each day!…B!