Post It Note Gift Holder Video…

A thank you gift for you today.  There are times we all need to say “thank you” and these little handmade Post It Note holders might be “just the ticket” when you are trying to come up with an idea.  They are cute little reminders to someone that you appreciate their kindness and business..

Here’s the video…

Hope you enjoyed the video. These were relatively fast to assemble and “cute as a bug”.  Just to be sure they were dry, I made the clay flowers the night before.  Dampening the cardstock before you emboss definitely does give you a deeper impression if you have the time.  I could only find the 2 x 2 post it notes at Wally World.  They exactly fit the size of the tag for the Scallop Tag Topper punch.  You may find them somewhere else.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today:  “People who shine from within don’t need a spotlight.”…Zig Zigler

So if having inky fingers makes you happy…what are you waiting for?




  1. This is a great idea and I love the hint to make the embossing deeper. Can’t wait to see mine !