Using Frosty Flurry Ornament Kit…Differently

Did you buy one of the Frosty Flurry Ornament kits?  I know some of you did because I saw your orders come through my site.  Did you make them for your tree?  Did you add any embellishment to the kit?

It probably took me an  hour to totally finish this gorgeous wreath.  I had a wire frame on hand and some burlap ribbon left over from my fall wreaths (it takes about 5 yards to wrap the frame) so I made this wreath to go with the Frosty Flurry mantle I had already put together.  I’ll show the mantle to you in tomorrow’s post, but here is the ornament kit made into a wreath…


On the first base snow flake I added gold glitter with the two-way glue pen and SU!’s fabulous glitter.  You know me…the more bling the better.  Honestly, this went together so quickly and really finished off my family room perfectly where I had placed all the other Frosted Flurry projects. I am seriously considering ordering another couple of kits and saving them for next year as tree decorations and gift toppers.

Hope you were inspired by something in my post.

Here’s your B-ism for today…”If at first you don’t succeed, try doing it the way mom told you to the first time.”

A smile on my face means there’s ink on my fingers…