Family Traditions & Memories…

From the backseat Lyla said to Jameson, “Wasn’t this the best day ever?”  “Yeah”, he said.

Isn’t that what life is all about?  Creating memories…especially as a family?

We had been to a wall/rock climbing center and afterwards went for a nice dinner.  It wasn’t really all that remarkable, but the memory will be.

So along those lines of creating memories, I’d like to share a tradition we started in our family.

Making desk calendars together for the new year.  Lots of stamping, glittering, gluing and embossing along with everyday chatter and remembering what happening in that month last year and planning memories to be made in the new year.

This year was especially bittersweet for many reasons, but a big one was that my daughter and son-in-love were being deployed to South Korea and we knew they would not be home for Thanksgiving this year.  As it turned out, she didn’t get her calendar finished.  Last week it was finished and shipped to South Korea.  She seemed really tickled to receive it in the mail this week when we talked on FaceTime (I love Facetime!)

Here are the months finished and shipped to her…






Do you have family traditions?  Thank you for letting me share one of our family traditions with you.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


And great memories will be created…

Get inky…Be HaPpY!



  1. Hi Billie! What is the name of the stamp set used to make the calendar? What a beautiful idea. Thanks, Nancy

    • Hey Nancy…Thanks for commenting. When we get in the studio, I pull out everything and we just go to town. Sometimes several sets or used on one month and LOTS of different sets are used on the calendar as a whole. It’s a mess to clean up, but too much fun not to do it each year!…B

    • Thanks Billie! But I was wondering about the actual calendar. Is it a mini calendar that you bought or is there a stamp out there to make the months?

    • Nancy…I buy the calendars from Paper Source online. They are 6×6 and printed on high quality paper and come with an acrylic desk holder for under $12 I think…B