A Card In A Box…Anniversary

Today is a somewhat personal post…I hope you don’t mind.  Certainly it is one way we can get to know each other and I wanted to share this “card in a box” made for my husband as we celebrate our wedding anniversary today.

Here’s the card…


and a side view…


Good thing I was hand delivering this card!  It was so much fun to make.  He seemed to really appreciate the card.

Tomorrow I will have a video ready to show you how easy these “cards in a box” are to make and how much fun they are to decorate.  We will definitely be doing one in the next class, but after you see the video tomorrow I bet you’ll be making all sorts of “cards in a box”.  They are as addictive as potato chips.

Here’s what we looked like way back then…


Just babies we were.  Funny the things you remember about your wedding day, because most of it is a blur.  But I do remember it was eight degrees and my car doors were frozen shut when I was ready to leave for church.  And I forgot my ring!

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for the video.  Here’s your “B-ism” for today:  “Don’t worry about tomorrow…enjoy today!”

I’ll be good and inky until I post again tomorrow…