Birthday Surprise…..

Just let me apologize for not posting yesterday (I will do an extra post on Saturday).  I had every intention of posting.  The project was done, photographed and written…just needed to go over it for any corrections.

But you see yesterday was my birthday and it started off grand with my normal Tuesday morning Yoga class.  Then a best friend took me out for a Pumpkin Spice Latte…cant’ miss that!

Then another good friend who is also a neighbor, asked me out for lunch/dinner mid afternoon.  Shoot, Sweetums was in Florida helping the kids and they lunch/dinner was perfect!

Are you seeing a pattern here?  Surprises all of them.

Just as I got home the door bell rang and standing there was my sweet g’daugher from Nashville!  She was holding a bouquet of sunflowers and she brought little Henry and his dad!  You could have knocked me over with a feather…

We visited and played with Henry…so cute and enjoyed a piece of birthday cake made by a friend (pumpkin cake with maple syrup icing)  Oh my goodness!

By the time everyone was gone, it was way to late to post.

Here’s the gorgeous flowers I received…one from my daughter in Virginia and the sunflowers from Kendall.

And cards!  Receiving cards is just the best and they are all amazing!

About a week old here…

and yesterday!

So for today I’ll post this pic of Henry and me and bring you another project tomorrow.  I sure did enjoy squeezing this sweet little boy…He is so HaPpY!

Thanks so much for stopping by today…

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…


Stay inky…be HaPpY!



  1. Happy Birthday, Billie!! With the help of family and friends, you certainly celebrated in style!! So happy for you. Little Henry is growing amazingly fast. Love his beautiful smile. He looks so happy being in his great grandmother’s arms. :-))) The beautiful cards and flowers will keep the celebration going. Sweet “b-ism” today.

  2. Happy birthday, Billie form Australia! Always get a kick out of your posts. Glad you had a happy day. Gorgeous grandson. Just awaiting the birth of our 6th – overdue!
    Can you explain what a Pumpkin Spice Latte is made from – not an Australian treat? Sounds like I’d love it.
    Cyber hugs,
    Jenny (Cain)

    • Hey Jenny…well since I don’t actually make them I’m not sure. I always buy mine at Starbucks. But they are REALLY good!…B!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Your flowers and cards are so pretty! That baby….little Henry is so adorable! Love that sweet smile!!! What a wonderful birthday surprise for you! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Happy birthday (belated). You give every day to each of us who gain inspiration from your blog so I am glad you got spoiled on your day.

  5. What a wonderful birthday for you! Having Henry visit is the best gift ever! Hope your kids in Florida did ok with Irma & they didn’t have much damage. So glad you had a great day for your birthday!

    • Henry’s visit was the cherry on top! The “littles” and family are recovering and suffered little damage to their home. Their power was restored last night so all is well..Thanks for asking!…B!

  6. Billie,
    I so look forward to your daily posts and am never disappointed! What a wonderful birthday you had and all impromptu! You and I share the same birthday ! So I’d like to wish you a Very Happy Belated Birthday!