And Then This Happened…

All crafters will empathize with me I know when you see this photo…


What sane demo begins a project like this with tons of new product to show and three holidays looming…not to mention classes and an October Retreat Weekend in four weeks?

This one, that’s who!  What’s even worse … Sweetums is helping and he is aghast at the amount of “stuff” (as he calls it) in this fairly good-sized space.  It’s the prep time, work time and then purge and clean time that is taking so long.  The actual painting is a breeze…

All this to say there will be no project today but a video tomorrow showing details (pine cone and Newsprint DSP ball) for the fall wreath featured last week.  Enjoy and say a prayer Sweetums and I don’t have a knock down drag out while finishing this painting project.

In the end my studio with blissfully be Baja Breeze (my favorite SU! color ever!)

Here’s a “B-ism” for you today…


I’m not inky but painty…but you can be HaPpY and inky!



  1. That’s funny. I’m going through the same thing now and I don’t know if the room will ever be organized again. I agree this is a crazy time to have upended my craft room when I have not made one Christmas card to date. I have lots of ideas from you and other talented card makers, but no cards. There may be some long nights in my future. Actually there is no good time to have a room makeover, so it is now!! If only your “B-ism” were true, the extra cookie or dip of ice cream could be a reality!

    • We must both be insane HJ, but this has needed to be done for a long time. I am determined to get this done this week and maybe post “after” shots…B

  2. Billie, I am purging but need some decorating storage help. Any chance you can come by and help me? Can’t wait to see your complete remodel job!

  3. Wow…this is quite a project but the results will be worth the effort. Are we doing the “kit” project on September 7th?


    • No, we are having a regular class. We need to set a date for the kit class. I think five people have the kit. We can talk about it Monday…B