A Rose for Patty…

Today’s post is not a stamping project…imagine that!

But it is connected to stamping by a friendship made over the years I’ve been a demonstrator with fellow demo, Patty Bennett.  A sweeter person you will not find.

Patty has been a demo over 20 years, a recently celebrated million dollar seller and has a gardening green thumb you wouldn’t believe.

So Patty shares with us her beautiful flowers from her garden from time to time and we all marvel.  Not too long ago she shared a single rose in full bloom and explained it was her mother’s favorite and the name of this rose was Whiskey Mac Rose.  When I saw it, I knew I had to try to draw and paint it.  Here’s her photo…

See what I mean?

So I did…draw and paint it and I’d like to share that with you today…

What a good time I had painting this, and even though Mother Nature just cannot be captured, it was fun trying.

Next week I will be traveling and taking a break from my blogging activities.  I will miss talking with you each day and sharing ideas, but hope to return with renewed energy and ideas.

The new Holiday Catalog was released to us yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited.

Hope your week is awesome…talk to you on the flip side!

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…

Stay inky, be HaPpY…see you next week!



  1. Love your cards…so artistic. Now…that rose you sketched and watercolored is absolutely stunning. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with others AND, your “B” isms!

  2. Billie, this is stunning!! You certainly captured the rose in all its glory. I continue to marvel at your artistic talent and you never disappoint. Only recently have I found Patty’s blog and love her creativity too. In an earlier post, you mention Lisa Curcio and I also follow her blog. I feel so lucky to have found all of your blogs from which to learn. You definitely deserve a vacation away from the blogisphere. Enjoy your time away and we’ll look forward to new creations when you return. As for the “b-ism” today, you certain follow it and bring light to all of us.

    • Thanks HJ…next week my schedule will be full of activities with “the littles” at the beach and what every else we decide to do. They both like art of all kinds and they like to cook too. She be a fun filled week!…B!

    • Well hey there girlfriend…had no idea you stopped by here but I’m sure glad you did!…B!

  3. Love your artwork. You have a ton of talent!
    Safe travels and enjoy your time away.

  4. Look forward to your site everyday. Not only your motivation with using the stamps and supplies to create something awesome, but also your B’isms. They start my day off with something to think about….always inspiring. Thank You!

    • I love sharing the quotes too Gerri. Something I did even as a very young person…B!