A Big Change…

For me that is…today I stepped down as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

This decision has been a long time coming.  I will miss talking to all of you.  Your support of my blog has been amazing to me and I want you to know I cherish each one of my readers and your sweet comments.

Coincidently, today my blog hits went over 1,000,000!  That is stunning…

Whatever your creative journey is, I wish you success and happiness.

Here’s your “B-ism” for today…





  1. WOW, did not see that one coming. Good luck in your new adventure. I will definitely miss your inspiration. Thank you for all of the sharing!

  2. So sorry to hear your news this morning. But I’m sure your decision wasn’t taken lightly. Best of luck to you as you move forward to the next chapter in your life. Thank you for your B’isms each day and your many contributions to making my SU! journey easier.

  3. So very sorry to hear that you are leaving Stampin’ Up! I’ve very much enjoyed your blog and FB postings which have provided so much inspiration! Best Wishes for the New Year and whatever the future holds for you!

  4. Your blog was one of my daily “go-to’s!” All the best and I do hope you will continue to create…

  5. I want you to know that I have enjoyed your projects and posts so much. Was delighted to see you present in SLC in November. Wishing you all the best!

  6. Oh no, while I respect your decision and fully understand that sometimes we have to make difficult choices, I am really going to miss your posts. You make beautiful cards, and your instructions are always clear and concise, but even more than that, you always make me smile and feel that I have a sweet friend in you. Take care if yourself and enjoy whatever you new adventures will be. With love, Beth

  7. Oh No! I will miss you and your blog so much. We met at convention and had such a nice chat. Your cards are amazing and have been such an inspiration.

  8. I will so miss your regular posts. Thanks for so generously sharing your inspiration with us all. The Stampin’ Up! community will be a lesser place without you. May your new journeys be filled with fabulous memories and love. Best wishes, Ann

  9. Sorry to read that you are stepping down, knowing you have made the choice that is best for you. I have enjoyed your posts and will miss seeing them. Best to you in your future.

  10. Thank you for you Blog…I only discovered you recently….and have totally enjoyed your projects and “B” isms! I skill miss you! Thanks again!

  11. Billie-
    I will be so sorry to see you go. I hope this means an exciting adventure ahead. You have inspired me oh so much. Thank you for taking the time to post all your great ideas.

    Cheers to a peaceful New Year.

  12. Billie, I’m going to miss your daily inspiration. I wish you joy and happiness in whatever is next on your journey.

    Judy Scherban

  13. Billie:

    I looked forward to your blogs everyday…and your B’isms. Wherever your path takes you in your life… happy! We will miss you!

  14. Best wishes to you in any new venture you may try! I love your blog & hope this does not mean you are no longer going to share your wonderful creative talents! I have not met you but feel like I know you & think you are one special lady!

  15. Oh my! This IS a surprise! Will surely miss seeing your cards everyday and especially the classes you offered! You’ve been so creative and fun to watch. I do hope your next chapter—whatever that is—will be lots of fun as well! Thank you for sharing your passion with the rest of us for so many years!


  16. Ohhhhhh…..I will miss seeing your posts so much! Thank you for all your artistic inspiration. I wish you all the best and hope life brings you much deserved happiness!

  17. I will miss seeing your posts very much. Best wishes for the future, I hope you have not given up entirely on your creative endeavors. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. 🙂

  18. Well, I’m very sad! I had only recently discovered your blog, and was enjoying trying new techniques with your instructions. Will I still be able to access the blog? It is a great source of ideas and information to me!!

    I wish you joy and good luck with your next adventure.

    Jo-Ann (Australia)

  19. Will miss you and your many artistic talents. Thank you for sharing them with us! I’m just sorry it took me so long to find you. Good luck!

  20. So sad. I love your blog and all your work. Will you be keeping the blog up? Will you still be blogging just not as a demo?

  21. I’m really going to miss your creativity! You have been such an inspiration to me over the years. Blessings on whatever your next adventure might be.

  22. Oh no, Billie
    I will miss you so much. As a fellow demo I came across your site a couple of years ago & have saved so many of your posts.
    I love your work & you have really helped me to think outside the box.
    I must say, I have embraced your Billie bows & find so many ways to use them in my work. What a trademark!
    I have primarily been a hobbiest demo with a small group of (6) woman who have followed with me for the past 6 years, even though I now live in VA (16 mo) & no longer in PA. I do need to rebuild my business in the new year here in VA & will miss your superior creativity, projects &
    Best wishes to you in your future wherever that may be!

  23. Best wishes. Your creativity will come out in other ways. Thank you for giving to the card community so much and so well.

  24. Oh Billie,

    I just met you. And you have been an inspiration to me!

    Thank you for your blogs. And your love of paper and inks and stamps.

    Please keep in touch. 🙂

  25. I am so sad to hear this news as I have just recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed seeing what you post each day. You are quite an inspiration to me.

    I hope that whatever you have planned for 2018 and beyond works out fabulously for you.

  26. I am so sorry to hear your news but fully understand as I am teetering on making such a decision. You are a lovely lady and I wish you well in whatever you decide to do next with your life. I will miss looking at your inspiring blog each day.
    Del (Australia)

  27. OH MY say it isn’t so. You are by far my very favorite designer. It makes me want to stop. I haven’t been able to get any interest here. I am sure you have great plans ahead. Sometimes we just need a change. I hope we can capture some of your previous inspirations. Hope your blog does not go bye bye. Take care.

  28. I’m so sorry to hear this, Billie. You are such an inspiration with your card designs – one of the best! I wish you well.

  29. Miss Billie I am so sorry to see you go. I have loved your lovely cards and things that have spoken to my heart and happy place. I wish you the best of everything in whatever you do or wherever you go. You have been an inspiration to me and thousands of others in your kindness and sharing your B isms and talent. May you find an awesome new happy place.

  30. Oh, Billie… you are going to be missed soooo much. I have been encouraged and inspired by how graciously you have shared your ideas and your artistic creativity. God bless you in your next steps whatever they may be. Know that you are appreciated beyond words!!!

  31. Like so many others, you will be missed by me. I’ve looked forward to your daily posts and love your creativity. Thank you for sharing!
    Best wishes for your future endeavors and if that includes stamping, I hope to continue following you.

  32. I will miss you so much. I feel I’ve learned so much from your blog. You have been an inspiration to me. I’m sure your decision to leave Stampinup was a well thought one. I wish for you a blessed 2018 filled with great adventures. Thank you for your creative inspiration and thoughtful guidance in creating beautiful works of art. I will miss your B’isms. Sparkle on sweet lady.
    Betsy (Texas)

  33. You have been such an inspiration to me. You are the most creative card designer I have found and following you has helped me think outside the box and try new techniques. I wish you the very best as you begin your new life chapter and trust this new year will hold wonderful moments that will become treasured memories. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us.

  34. Oh noooooo… sorry to hear! Your blog was the ONLY one that I read faithfully! Thanks for all your awesome inspiration!! Good luck to what ever you decide to do! I know you will be successful at it!!

    Inky hugs!

  35. Hello Billie. I have loved receiving your emails and following your blog. Your creations are amazing and have inspired me. Thank you so much.
    All the best in your next journey. xx

  36. Oh Billie! You are an amazing woman! I will miss your blog so badly! But I am just down the road from you, so I am hopeful we can get together sometimes. I still remember when you reached out to me. You are a wonderful friend. God bless you on the road that lies ahead! Much love!

  37. I certainly will miss your lovely inspirations! But I understand that when you need a change, it is best to go ahead and do it. I hope that you will continue your beautiful ideas for the benefit of yourself & your family & friends. Best wishes ❤️

  38. Oh I’m so sad, I just started following you and love your creations! I wish you all the best in what ever you decide to do

  39. I agree with Mary Lee (Wow, I didn’t see that coming).. What do you say to someone you have never met or talked with or emailed but has been such a big part of your life! Almost every time I read your daily blog I think to myself “I wish we were friends”. Besides the wonderful creative side of you, I love that you have a nickname for your husband, the exciting trips and family and friends events you have shared. Sometimes you just have an instant connection with someone, I felt that with you. I will miss your daily email and B-isms and the occasional peek inside your life. Take care my friend.. May God bless you and yours.

  40. Ditto all of the above, I have felt like you were a really good friend I had not been formally introduced to! Take care and happy trails.


  41. Dear Billie,
    Simply said… you inspire me! I will truly miss your daily creativity.

    Every Best Wish,

  42. I have been a Fan of your blog since I found it a couple of years ago. I will miss your fabulous work and inspiration.
    All I can do now is wish you all the best for whatever you future holds.
    From a Stampin’ Up lover in W. Australia

  43. B!!!! I am so going to miss you and your blog. This is such a shock (I may have to call Trump). Please stay in touch with us….we love you.

  44. Sad! For me, at least! I love your artistic inspiration and I shamelessly admit to CASEing many of your designs. Sending good thoughts for the next stage of your life.

  45. You are a very talented lady and I have enjoyed following you and I will miss your amazing creations. Best luck to you in your future endeavors. Hugs!

  46. Oh my, you will be missed by so many including me as I loved your emails, showing and sharing your cards, your inspiration at the end of each mail. Sure hope the New Year does you good and you find it as exciting to venture into.
    Hugs Donna

  47. Hey Billie,
    Well aren’t you one for bolts fm the blue… least to us common folk.
    Desperately sad to see your association with SU go, but hope that you keep your wickedly creative mind ticking over.
    Thank you for your FB love, the giggles and the truck loads of inspiration that you have shared with us all.
    Will miss your SU ways dear lady.
    All the best.
    Luv n HUGE hugs fm Down Under.,
    Lynda oxox

  48. Oh NO…
    so sad about that…I hope you will start another blog?
    I wish you all the best..and hope to hear from you again..
    thank you for all your inspiration..and great times I had reading your blog..
    Greetings from the Netherlands..

  49. Oh no , I shall miss you. However fully understand you have to do what is right for you. Your creations were/ are fabulous. All good wishes for what you are doing next. X

  50. Say it ain’t so! Billie you have been an inspiration to me since I found you. I too, like many others responding to this news, are Stampin Up
    hobby demonstrators. You encouraged me to step outside the box and try new things. Your samples and directions are the best. I consider myself lucky to have been at On Stage in Salt Lake to see you on stage demonstrating. Your personality came through to the audience and it was like listening to a dear friend. Whatever the next step is for you, I wish you the best of luck and I will truly miss you.
    Your Colorado Stalker – Kathy Langosh

  51. …sorry to read this sadly information.
    You gave me so much fun and daily inspiration across the Ocean to Germany.
    I’m sending you my best regards and wishing you good luck for your new plans…

  52. WOW! I hate to hear that. I will miss you and your inspiration! It was so nice to meet you at Panara and have lunch with you. I have followed you blog for a long, long time. Pinned a lot of your cards. Good luck in your next adventure. Gonna miss you!!

  53. Billie – you will be missed in the SU community for sure. I wish you nothing but happiness in your adventure and remember you are dearly loved by all.
    Barb S (FL)

  54. Billie, what a sad announcement. I wish you all the best. I need to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at OnStage, and how much I have valued the work you have shared with the rest of us. You are truly an amazing stamper – you will be missed.

  55. My goodness, what a shock and surprise. As you know, I love following you, your amazing ideas and fabulous inspiration. You will be really missed. Wishing you all the very best for the future Billie. With fond love
    Jenny (UK)

  56. Billie, I too have just recently discovered your blog and immediately signed up to receive your posts every day. I’m so sorry to hear you are no longer going to represent SU! You are so talented! Will you have another blog? I will certainly miss your inspiration.

  57. I am so sorry to see you go. You have been an inspiration to me for a very long time. Good luck on whatever comes next in your life.

  58. i just found you! i have enjoyed your inspiring art creations immensely, and will miss them so much. i wish you well in all you do.
    God Bless You today and always and forever,

    JoAnn K Delery

    p.s. are you stopping your blog as well as stampin up?

  59. Billie
    As many of the comments have said regarding missing you & your creativity being missed I would say ditto to them all. Your departure will leave a large hole in my day as your creativity is awesome. It was so nice to meet you finally at OnStage in November. I now wish I’d gotten a picture of us together….. I wish you all the best. I pray God bless you abundantly.

  60. Billie
    Thank you for all of the inspiration that you gave me in your card creations. I always looked forward to your posts and comments. Enjoy your new journey and the best of luck to you. Hugs!

  61. I agree with others that I didn’t see this coming, Billie, but I fully understand. Your schedule has been grueling this past year. I saw your message when it was first posted, but couldn’t pull myself together to write. You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others, as you can see from all these wonderful comments. You will be sorely missed…your sweet, vibrant personality, talent, creativity and the “b-isms” you give us to ponder, as well as your friendship and encouragement to try your beautiful designs. I cherish the birthday card you sent me earlier this year. Take care and may the new chapter fill you with great joy and happiness.

  62. Wow Billie, I so didn’t see this coming! You have been a daily inspiration to me and such a breath of fresh air. You blog is the only one that I frequent daily that because your style speaks to my soul. I have enjoyed meeting you and I loved your presentation this past November in Salt Lake! You were amazing!! I do hope that you continue to share your creativity with all of us and that what ever new adventure you undertake that you will share that with us as well. You have such a unique creative style and empowering voice, I will certainly miss you! I wish you only the very best!!

  63. OH NO!! I am so sorry to see that you will be leaving us each day! I have found so much inspiration in your posts and love all of the little upbeat messages everyday! I start my mornings with you and my coffee. There must be 22,000,000 leaves pressed in this little community because of you. They are now all over the world! That was just one of your wonderful inspirations! Please never quit inspiring in some way! You are the best! Be Happy! I will truly miss you and your gifts to us in our world of crafting! Georgia

  64. You have been an inspiration to me and I will miss your daily examples. I always wished I had a neighbor like you!! You truly have a gift. I wish you and your family good health, happiness, and creative crafting.

  65. I, as many before me, will miss this blog more than any other. You are an artist and I hope new endeavors are all positive and full of joy. You know you can share your art even if not SU! It is your art and positive spirit that make your blog my only Daily read.

    Enjoy every moment; you will be missed!